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Before the Jobsite Tips


Preparing for the Interview

Always be sure to prepare a handful of questions before your interview. This shows the employer you are engaged and invested in not only in the position you are interviewing for but the company. 

By preparing multiple questions, it allows you to have back up questions ready in case your question was already answered during the interview. Be sure to ask questions relevant to the role you're interviewing for. 

Example questions:  

  • What does success look like in this role?  

  • Do you have any questions or concerns about my qualifications 

  • What are some challenges I might face in this role?  


The Interview 

Strengths and Weaknesses 

When discussing your greatest strength, be sure to tie your answer to the role you’re interviewing for. Employers want to know how your skillset can be beneficial to the employer and the position they are hiring for.  

When providing your greatest weakness, try to reframe the question in your mind to express your greatest area for professional improvement. This is a perfect opportunity to communicate the steps you’re taking to improve yourself from a professional standpoint.


Pro Tip! When shaking hands, you should use the strength that you would use when squeezing a peach. 

Before the Jobsite Checklist


Below is a checklist to help you to prepare and feel more confident for your construction career application and interview process! Need assistance filling out an application, preparing your resume, or with interview prep? Schedule an appointment with a career coach today!  


Resume Building 

​​☐​ Build your resume around the job you are applying for.  

​​☐​ If you have minimal experience show your work ethic by listing after school activities, volunteering, etc. \


Preparing for the Interview 

​​☐​  Research the company you are interviewing with. Learn:  

  • The type of work the company does. 

  • When and where the company was founded 

  • What is the company known for? For example, are they a contractor, a general contractor, electrical, plumbing, etc.? 

  • The companies mission and vison. 

​​☐​  Prepare questions for the interviewers. 

​​☐​  Know your own strengths and weaknesses. 


The Interview 

​​☐​ Arrive 10-15 minutes early. 

​​☐​ Dressed appropriately for the interview and role you are applying for. 

​​☐​ Bring written follow up questions. 

​​☐​ If in person, give a firm handshake and make sure to make eye contact with   


​​☐​ Ask for a business card or follow up information if you don’t already have it. 

​​☐​ Ask for next steps in the process. 


​​☐​Virtual Interviews 

​​☐​ Be sure your devices fully charged. 

​​☐​ Test the interview link. `

​​☐​ Sit in front of an appropriate background. 

​​☐​ Use a secure and reliable internet connection. 


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